4 Insanely Unique Solar Power Inventions

You’ve probably seen solar energy Las Vegas on rooftops, fields, and parking lots, but have you seen solar-powered cars, cinemas, airplanes, and cities? As prices steadily drop, solar technology is becoming much more affordable and practical. Today, there are over a dozen creative and intriguing uses for solar power besides just energizing residential and commercial rooftops. If you’re curious to know where you might find solar power next, here are some forthcoming unconventional uses of this versatile technology. 

Solar Windows 

Up to this point, anyone wanting a solar-powered home has had to put panels on the roof. Soon, you might be able to use solar power on your windows, too. Plans are still in the works, but a new technology is emerging for solar-powered windows. The general concept is that tiny panels in the windows will collect sunlight shining through the glass and convert it to solar energy. After the technology is perfected, engineers will work on making it applicable for commercial-scale glass in larger buildings. 

Solar-Powered Transportation 

Seeing that solar energy could offset power usage in buildings, researchers wondered if it could power transportation, too. So far, the answer is “yes!” Some automakers, such as Toyota, are embracing the use of solar panels to provide power for their cars. In 2016, a solar panel on the roof of the Toyota Prius powered the car’s air conditioning system. Now, a solar package is available for Toyota’s newest Prius. When activated, the rooftop panel can improve gas mileage by 8 MPG. Along with personal vehicles, solar technology is being planned as a power source for city transportation, too. 

Solar Umbrellas 

Another practical use of solar technology is in umbrellas. During the day, solar-powered umbrellas have LED lights that get charged by sunlight. The stored energy then illuminates the lights at night to produce bright lighting. Solar-powered umbrellas are already being used in commercial settings, such as hotel and resort poolside decks. You can also spot solar umbrellas at some outdoor restaurants and chic hotels, too. Several companies have already started branding and selling umbrellas. Keep an eye out, as this technology could soon be coming to you through a solar dealer Las Vegas. 

Solar Cities 

Forget the small-scale uses – solar is now used to power entire cities! You may already know that solar energy Las Vegas is a crucial part of the city’s renewable energy portfolio. In fact, it’s due mostly to solar and wind that the city now runs entirely on renewable energy. Solar-powered street lights, emergency department buildings, municipal buildings, and parks are found across the city. Solar technology is rapidly catching on in other major US cities too, including San Diego, CA; Aspen, CO; and Burlington, VT. In all locations, solar energy is saving money and reducing pollution levels. 

From windows to cars, more uses for solar technology are appearing almost daily. The trend of employing solar energy is growing rapidly as solar prices fall and demand rises. Stay tuned, as there are bound to be new ways for you to use solar soon!

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