7 Benefits to Going Solar in Las Vegas

If you've been on the fence about whether or not to go solar, rest assured that 2021 is a better time than ever to switch. Solar is more affordable now than it has ever been, and there are tremendous federal incentives to take advantage of! Another reason to invest in Las Vegas solar power is energy security. Each day that your system is up and running, you'll help reduce the country's dependency on foreign energy. Read on for distinct benefits that a solar energy system can provide for you. The benefits of going solar in Las Vegas are endless.

Save Money

One of the biggest reasons people go solar is to save money. Most Nevada residents pay around $111 each month for electricity. This totals $1,332 annually and over $33,000 for 25 years, which is the average system lifespan. Considering you can eliminate your electric bills from a solar energy system in five years, that amounts to tremendous savings!

Get Instant Savings

Along with drastically cutting energy costs, you'll start seeing instant benefits right away. The moment your system's switch is flipped on, you will start saving money. You will notice a reduced electric bill cost during the first month, and savings will only increase from that point on.

Increase Your Home's Value

What most people are surprised to learn is that installing a solar energy system can increase a home's value. Anyone moving into your home in the future will benefit from reduced energy expenses, which adds to your home's appeal. Studies show that homes with solar electric systems sell more quickly and for a price of 17% more than homes without solar.

Enjoy A Fast Payback Period

Taking the 26% federal tax credit into consideration, the payback period of a solar system installation can be as short as seven years. This is especially true in Las Vegas, where the warm and sunny climate means that systems produce more electricity, on average, than they do elsewhere in the country.

Take Advantage Of Incentives

Las Vegas solar power is becoming more popular each day, and generous incentives are a main reason why. As of 2021, one of the top incentives available to solar energy customers is the federal tax credit, which reimburses customers for up to 26% of the solar energy system's cost. Additional state, federal, and program-specific incentives can reduce the system cost even more. For more information on incentives, check out this website: http://energyinformative.org/benefits-of-solar-panels/.

Reduce Foreign Energy Dependency

A Las Vegas solar company will tell you that by installing a solar energy system, you're creating jobs and energy security within the United States. In addition to enhancing national security, this protects against global energy price fluctuations.

Avoid Rising Energy Costs

Lastly, solar energy systems protect against rising electric bills. The rate of solar energy is guaranteed over a 25-year period, which means you'll be able to predict how much money, if any, you'll pay for electricity. In contrast, the price of standard electricity typically fluctuates. Consequently, it's hard to predict. Locked rates are especially important for businesses, as knowing energy prices helps control finances and expenses.

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