Five Ways To Lower Your Electric Bill

Everybody likes to save money, but not everyone is aware of how to do so. Fortunately, when it comes to cutting electric costs for a house or business, there are many simple and effective steps you can take to make it happen. Some measures, like installing a solar energy system, provide significant cost savings, but there are also many smaller changes you can make to reduce your energy consumption that add up quickly, too.

Go Solar

Whether you have a 5kW rooftop system or a 1MW carport, the financial benefits of using solar power Las Vegas are hard to beat. Companies nationwide spend close to $2,000 each month on electric bills. They can slash the cost of their monthly electric usage by up to 75% when they switch to solar. Residential customers can eliminate their electric bills altogether. Some residential systems even generate a surplus supply, which homeowners can store for use on cloudy days or sell back to their utility provider An expert solar dealer Las Vegas can explain all the possible benefits that you'll get from going solar.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances and Devices

Installing low-flow shower heads, motion-operated sensors, and low-energy power strips are a few simple but effective changes you can make to reduce your electric bills. Another easy and effective change is replacing conventional light bulbs with LED lights. LED lights use up to 75% less electricity than standard light bulbs. They are also more cost effective, as they have up to 25% longer lifespans than regular bulbs.

Insulate and Weatherproof Your Home

The tiny gaps around your doors and windows might not seem important, but they can make your home or office building use much more energy than is necessary. Sealing gaps around the doors, vents, and windows with caulk, new frames, and weatherproof strips seals in air, which in turn keeps the structure sufficiently warm or cool with much less effort.

Learn to Unplug

For most people, “unplugging” means relaxing and unwinding at the end of the day. But in the world of electricity, it means disconnecting electronic devices from their outlets. Phones, computers, DVD systems, and other products that use electricity continue to use power even if they are turned off but still plugged into the outlet. Therefore, removing plugs from the wall can save up to 10% on your monthly utility bill! Unplugging devices is also a good habit to get into for safety reasons, as it can prevent power surges and device damage during thunderstorms.

Do Chores at Night

A little-known fact for homeowners is that some utility providers offer lower rates for people who use less power during peak hours. One common incentive that your utility company might offer is discounted off-peak rates, which usually applies in the evening and early morning hours. Off-peak hours are a great time to complete high-energy tasks like doing laundry and washing dishes, as it can save considerable amounts of money.

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