How Solar Power Is Energizing America’s Future

From cleaning the country's environment to creating jobs and improving national security, solar energy has made many positive changes to date in the United States and it's poised to shine in the future. Solar emerged in the 1970s as an alternative source of energy. As prices have dropped, solar is more affordable than ever. Each day, it powers more homes and businesses. Ask any solar power company and they'll gladly tell you how solar is energizing the nation's future.

Solar Is Cleaning The Environment

In the United States, the average 7kW residential solar system produces about 10,900 kWh of electricity. The good news for people in the Las Vegas area is that because of the region's sunny climate, systems in the Southwest can produce up to 30% more electricity. Even with an individual system, the environmental benefits are significant. Each 7kW system offsets the greenhouse gas emissions from about 2.1 passenger cars. It also cancels out a car driving 23,000 miles per year. Each system eliminates over 1,000 gallons of gasoline consumed. As a power company Las Vegas will say, it also produces enough electricity to power a home for a full year. The country's environment has already improved tremendously from solar and that trend will continue in the future.

Solar Strengthens The Economy

Another way that solar is powering the nation's future is through the economy. The solar energy industry, evidenced by economic data, is a solid jobs creator. As of 2017, over 260,000 people were employed by the solar energy industry, according to Forbes. That amount means that solar has surpassed job rates in the fossil fuel industry, which has about 25% fewer employees than the solar energy industry. This shifting trend is due to the increased demand for solar installations and the falling cost of solar energy. In Las Vegas, job opportunities are growing as solar is increasingly in demand. In addition to saving money and having a clean source of energy, each resident's decision to go solar helps a local solar power company stay in business. The added plus is that because solar is a domestic source of energy, it creates energy independence and security. This is critical now and in the years to come.

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