Smart Business Owners Are Going Solar… Here’s Why

With the help of tax incentives and energy bill savings, companies are finding that there's no reason not to go solar. Each year, businesses of all sizes pay about $1,950 per month for electricity. After installing a solar energy system, their bills drop by an average of 75%. However, cost savings are just the start of what solar can do for your business. If you've been thinking of going solar but haven't made the switch yet, here are some great reasons to install solar panels Las Vegas.

Tax Credits and Rebates

For prospective commercial solar customers in the US, one major incentive for switching to solar electricity is a federal tax credit called the ITC. Through this national program, the government reimburses solar customers for up to 30% of the costs from the system equipment and the system's installation. Many states, and even some cities, offer additional incentives to make solar installations even more affordable. Corporations are also entitled to an accelerated depreciation from solar energy systems, which enables an 85% tax deduction on the total cost of the solar electric system.

Increased Property Value

Improvements to any commercial structure, whether it's a new roof, insulated windows, or a covered garage, often adds value to the building. This also applies to solar electric systems. Having an onsite energy production method that offsets utility bills automatically raises the value of the property. Getting free electricity naturally appeals to prospective tenants and owners, which leads to a faster and easier lease or sale.

Environmental Benefits

Businesses generate high volumes of waste and pollution every day. In the sunny Southwestern states, a 1megawatt (MW) solar system can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 1,460 tons each year! Your Las Vegas solar company can provide you with even more precise data on your carbon footprint reduction based on factors like the size of your solar system, the building your company is located in, and how many days of sunshine your property receives in a year.

Positive PR

People like to support businesses that do good in the world. With the wealth of print and electronic news sources available, word spreads quickly about the positive changes businesses make. Good publicity is another major benefit of installing solar, and it's helped numerous companies get new business. Here's a tip for companies that have recently installed solar: make the announcement first on social media, which reaches your followers more quickly than a press release. It's also free advertising for you!

Corporate Responsibility

With growing environmental issues like global warming, companies are doing whatever they can to become more sustainable. Regardless of whether or not being “green” is part of your company's image, people admire companies that take the lead in improving the environment. In addition to creating a favorable image for consumers, this works to your advantage by distinguishing you from competitors that haven't yet made the switch.

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