Solar Lease/PPA

There's a shift occurring in the way that America is generating electricity.

The cost of solar has dropped over 70% since 2010.  As a result, in 2016, solar represented 39% of all new electric generating capacity in the U.S., topping all other technologies for the 1st time.

How does Enlyten Energy help?

We help property owners take advantage of this shift, by transitioning them to solar power.

The power distribution grid (aka "The Grid") is a good but relatively old technology that has many inefficiencies.

On-site generation facilities, such as solar or wind, solve many of these inefficiencies.

These technologies no longer require the costly infrastructure such as power plants, substations, transmission lines, or the routine maintenance and upkeep.

Americans are now able to generate their own electricity at a cheaper rate than what they're currently getting from their power company.

Why go solar with Enlyten Energy?

Enlyten Energy operates as an independent solar dealer.  This business model allows us the ability to partner with different companies and hand select our providers.  We are then able to offer our customers the best solar equipment, by the best companies all while providing our customers outstanding value.

In addition, we are a complete turn-key solution and our partners take of care of everything from the solar panel system design, permitting, HOA approval, and maintenance.

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