The Top 10 Benefits of Solar Energy

From saving money to saving the environment, solar energy has many advantages. Solar energy creates energy security and reduces competition for finite resources. It's also a clean and renewable source of electricity. The list of benefits solar provides is quite long, but here are the top ten.

Higher Home Values

One of the most practical benefits of installing solar energy Las Vegas is that it increases the value of your home. A solar system is also a major selling point for prospective homeowners who are delighted to learn that they'll be paying little, if anything, for conventional electricity.

Instant Savings

Your solar energy system starts producing electricity the minute it is turned on. This instantly offsets your electric consumption and lowers your electricity costs. Popular payment options, including power purchase agreements and solar leasing, also produce instant savings.

Substantial Savings

The savings that you start to see immediately add up quickly. Industry experts say that in many instances, solar customers save $100 or more each month on electric bills. Over the course of 15-20 years, that amounts to over $25,000!

Generous Incentives

Enticing federal incentives, including tax credits, make solar energy a realistic possibility. The federal tax incentive credits customers with a 30% return on the cost of system installation and equipment. Local and state tax credits and incentives cut the cost of solar even more.

Flexible and Low-Cost Payment Plans

Many solar installers in Las Vegas offer payment plans to help solar customers finance their systems, much like financing a home or car. Common options include power purchase agreements, leasing, and low down payments.

Predictable Energy Costs

Solar energy is produced by the sun, which is an infinite source of energy. Unlike energy derived from fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources, which are subject to availability and pricing fluctuations, the availability and price of solar is much more predictable, which makes it easy to determine energy costs.

Reliable Performance

In the US, solar energy systems come with a standard warranty of 20-25 years. After 25 years, most systems continue to produce at about 80% of their original capacity, and they gradually decline after that.

Energy Independence

Energy independence is another benefit of solar. When the grid goes down from a storm or another problem, your home won't be affected, as your solar energy system will keep running independently. Each solar system installed also chips away at the country's dependence on foreign sources of energy.

Environmental Benefits

The United States' annual carbon dioxide emissions total is 18%, which is second only to China. A single residential solar system offsets over 100,000 pounds of carbon over two decades, which equals the carbon dioxide emissions of a vehicle driven 100,000 miles. Therefore, solar installations on a large scale have a major impact!

Easy Installation and Minimal Maintenance

With the help of experienced solar installers in Las Vegas, installing solar on your home is virtually effortless. Once the system is in place, there is very little maintenance required, and you'll have a solid source of energy for decades.

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