Why 2018 Is The Time To Go Solar In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for many things: gambling, shopping, nightlife, and entertainment – but renewable energy? Thanks to its ambitious plan of using 100% renewable energy, Sin City is proud to operate entirely on clean energy. Considering the abundant sunshine it gets and the generous rebates that customers can take advantage of, it’s easy to see why solar power Las Vegas is so popular. If you’ve been thinking of going solar but haven’t yet made the commitment, here are some great reasons to go solar in Las Vegas this year. 

Top Reasons to Go Solar Now

Generous Incentives 

Everyone likes saving money, which is a perfect reason to go solar. Las Vegas solar installers can explain the rebates available based on your location and eligibility. This can include state rebates and local rebates. But one incentive that everyone is eligible for is a 30% federal tax credit, called the ITC, which is available nationwide. The ITC reimburses both residential and commercial customers for up to 30% of their solar system cost, which includes the cost of the system installation and equipment. To understand the savings, consider that it costs about $20,000 for a 5kW system in Las Vegas. With the 30% tax credit, your system cost is lowered by $6,000! Learn more about the savings you’ll get and when your system will pay itself back at solar-nation.org

Net Metering 

Another reason why you’ll want to go solar in 2018 is to participate in Nevada’s net metering program. Net metering is a program that credits customers for excess solar energy sent back to the grid. The exact rebate amounts are determined by each individual utility company. The credits are applied each month, and unused credits carry over to the following month. This means that if there’s a month when you have to use conventional electricity, you’ll be able to offset some or all of the cost by using your net metering credits. 

Flexible Financing 

Like buying a car or house, there are financing structures that make solar energy affordable for many people. Instead of purchasing a system upfront, many Las Vegas solar installers offer alternative financing arrangements such as loans, leases, and power purchase agreements (PPAs). With a solar loan, you’ll be able to install solar power Las Vegas with a zero-down payment. A loan can make financing a solar system more realistic, keeping your overall budget in consideration, too. With a PPA, you have the advantage of being able to use solar power without having to pay any money. In a PPA arrangement, you simply lease the solar system from your solar installer for the agreed-upon period of time. 

With a combination of rebates, incentives, and flexible payment options, it’s apparent that 2018 is prime time for solar in Las Vegas. If you have any questions or want to learn more about how to get solar for your home or business, contact a solar power Las Vegas provider today!

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