5 Reasons To Go Solar In Las Vegas

The US solar industry had a record year in 2020, even despite the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, the industry added a record 19.2 gigawatts of new capacity last year. That's a 43% jump from 2018.

By 2030, solar installations could quadruple from current levels.

A single gigawatt is enough to supply power to 190,000 homes. Currently, the US has about 97 GW of total solar capacity installed.

That's now enough to power 17.7 million homes in the country.

Do you want to go solar in Las Vegas this year? Here are five stunning benefits to keep in mind before you decide. After reading this guide, you can make a more informed decision for your home and the earth.

Then, you can contact the best solar companies in Las Vegas and start harnessing the power of the sun!

What exactly are the benefits of adding solar panels to your Las Vegas home? Keep reading to find out!

1. Ideal for Any Environment

One of the great benefits of solar panels is they're versatile. They can work almost anywhere in the world.

If you ever decide to move away from Las Vegas, you can still harness the power of the sun! In some cases, solar panels work better in colder climates. In fact, excessive heat might impact the output voltage in some areas.

Talk to the best solar company in Las Vegas. They'll help you determine if solar panels are suitable for your home.  If you're searching for an environmentally friendly source of power, this is it!

So far, only 6% of homeowners in the US have solar panels already installed. However, another 46% of homeowners are giving the option serious thought. The number of people considering solar energy has increased by 40% since 2016.

Most of the US have already made the switch to alternative energy sources. In fact, about 77% of adults prefer alternative sources to fossil fuels (22%).

Regardless of where you live in the city, you can enjoy the benefits of Las Vegas solar energy.

It Works

Solar panel technology and systems have grown over the years. You're no longer limited to a few select options. Instead, talk to solar companies in Las Vegas.

They can help you find the best panels available. Solar panels are now more durable and efficient than ever before. They have a long lifespan as well.

2. Support Mother Nature

Many people are making the decision to go solar to support the environment. Remember, solar power is an environmentally friendly option for power. You can protect Mother Nature without causing additional harm to the planet.

Here are a few ways solar panels can support the earth:

Avoid Reliance on Fossil Fuels

Making the decision to go solar will also reduce your reliance on nonrenewable fossil fuels. You can improve the air quality as a result.

Reduce Air Pollution

Remember, fossil fuels can produce pollutants, leading to dirty air. Breathing in dirty air can impact your health and the earth. In fact, you could experience effects like:

  • Bronchitis
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Pneumonia
  • Cancer
  • Asthma
  • Allergies

Researching solar companies in Las Vegas is a great first step. You can avoid contributing to air pollution and smog. In time, continued use of clean energy will benefit the environment.

Reduce Water Use

Most energy sources that don't rely on fossil fuels use water for energy instead.

Unfortunately, nuclear energy and hydropower require a lot of power to produce electricity. Damming water can have a negative impact on the local ecosystem.

Consider making the switch to solar panels instead.

3. Boost Your Home's Value

Not many people realize that making the switch to go solar in Las Vegas can boost their home's property value, too.

In fact, solar panels might increase your home's value by up to 4.1% more than comparable houses. You could receive an additional $9,274 on average as a result.

The cost of installing solar panels will pay for itself in the long run.

You might have an easier time selling your home quickly, too. Buyers in the area will recognize the difference between your property and similar homes. You might have an easier time attracting potential buyers as a result.

If you're on the fence about Las Vegas solar power, think of the long-term benefits. Solar panels can become a smart investment. You can improve your home's value, sell with ease, and save money over the years.

4. It's Affordable

The cost associated with home solar systems has decreased over time. In fact, the average cost of solar PV panels has decreased nearly 70% since 2017.

By 2030, over one in every seven homes in the US will have rooftop solar PV systems. It's no longer difficult to find solar companies in Las Vegas, either. You can shop around to find a price that suits your budget.

Solar hardware costs have decreased. In fact, non-hardware costs (permitting, financing, etc.) make up a larger fraction of the total cost. These expenses account for up to 65% of the cost for residential PV systems.

Installing solar panels on your home will put money back in your pocket later, too. You can recoup the cost of installation as a result.

Take the time to review the different products available. Investing in the best panels can ensure lasting results. You can keep experiencing the benefits of going solar for years to come.

5. Save Money

One of the biggest benefits of choosing to go solar is the cost savings you'll experience.

You can enjoy financial returns and lower your monthly utility bills at the same time. How much money you'll save will vary based on:

  • Local electricity rates
  • Whether you lease or purchase the panels
  • The solar energy system's size
  • Number of hours of direct sunlight you receive
  • Household electricity consumption
  • The size and angle of your roof

You can consult the best solar company in Las Vegas to learn more.

When you make the decision to go solar, you can gain freedom from utility companies. You can even avoid peak electricity rates.

What happens if the grid goes down because a storm or other natural disaster strikes? You can use your own backup power!


Remember, solar panels are more durable than they were before. They're now built to withstand harsh weather conditions. If there's a heavy storm or hail, you won't have to worry.

Purchasing a strong, durable system will ensure you can enjoy these benefits of solar energy for years to come.

Make sure to research the solar companies in Las Vegas before adding panels to your home. You can review different product options to ensure you're purchasing high-quality panels.

Choose the best panels available on the market to ensure you experience these amazing solar benefits.

Send Power to the Grid

Once you start experiencing the benefits of Las Vegas solar panels firsthand, consider sharing the wealth. You can send some of the excess electricity you produce back to the grid. Some electrical companies might even purchase your excess power.

The money you receive from the electrical company can offset your total electricity bill for the month. You can use those energy credits in the future. If your electricity use is greater than your solar production, you have a backup plan.

For example, you might experience a day that's overcast. You might not produce as much solar energy as a result.

The excess energy you produce can help other homeowners in Las Vegas.

Consider using net metering to churn a profit from the excess energy you make. Electrical companies use net metering to pay solar users. You can save the credit you receive for a rainy day (literally).

Tax Breaks and Incentives

Talk to the best solar company in Las Vegas about local tax breaks and cash incentives.

For example, you can use solar renewable energy credits (SRECS) to earn a return on solar energy. Some areas set a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), too. Companies in the area can buy solar credits from you.

You can also apply for a federal tax credit once you purchase your home solar system. Some areas provide cash rebates once you have a system installed. The tax credit amount can vary based on your location.

You can talk to the best solar company in Las Vegas to learn more.

Here Comes the Sun: 5 Stunning Reasons to Go Solar in Las Vegas

The sun is shining and money is headed straight back into your pocket! Once you make the decision to go solar, you'll never go back. Get ready to experience these benefits of solar energy once you make the switch.

Make sure to hire an experienced solar company in Las Vegas before adding solar panels to your home. They can help you review your product options. They'll ensure your home is ideal for panels as well.

With their help, you can experience these benefits of solar power firsthand!

Want to talk to the best solar company in Las Vegas about installing solar panels? We're here to help.

Schedule a consultation today to get started.

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