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Breaking Down Common Solar Terms

As with anything technical, you might at first be intimidated by the language that installers and industry professionals use to talk about solar. You may have heard Las Vegas solar installers use words like “interconnection,” “inverter,” “ITC,” and “net metering,” but what do they all mean? If you haven’t yet mastered solar vocabulary, don’t worry! …

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How Solar Power Is Changing the World

Since the 1700s, technological developments have stimulated economic growth and improved quality of life. Conventional electricity introduced the world to modern energy and it single-handedly caused a 125% increase in energy usage worldwide. But conventional energy requires consumption of finite resources, which is not sustainable. This dilemma sparked the growth of alternative forms of electricity, …

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8 Busted Myths About Solar Power

From “It’s too expensive” to “It will damage my roof,” there are many misconceptions that people have about solar energy. As more solar is installed virtually daily, those fallacies are being laid to rest. Here are eight common solar energy myths and why they’re incorrect. It’s Too Expensive One of the most common myths about …

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