How Puerto Rico Is Using Solar Power to Overcome Power Struggles

Hurricanes are no stranger to Puerto Rico, which is affected by tropical storms every year. While some create minor problems, others wreak havoc that lasts for months after the storm hits. This is certainly the case with Hurricane Maria, which hit in 2017 and was the deadliest hurricane in the Atlantic since 2005. With a death toll of over 1,000 people, it was also one of the most destructive storms that Puerto Rico has ever seen. Of the many problems that Maria caused, one of the most significant was sweeping power outages. Even though Puerto Rico’s electrical system has since been rebuilt, it remains frail and vulnerable to future damage. This has prompted Puerto Ricans to search for an alternative to conventional electricity, and solar energy is proving to be a viable option

Maria’s Lasting Effects 

Although Maria passed through Puerto Rico fairly quickly, it didn’t take long for its powerful winds and torrential rains to leave a lasting impact. By the time the storm moved away, thousands of homes and businesses were left without power. Recovering from a widespread power outage is hard enough, but when the entire country relies on just one utility company to restore power, the situation becomes much more complicated. Today, almost a year after the storm hit, some residents still have not gotten their power back. But instead of waiting for traditional power to be restored, residents and officials are taking matters into their own hands. This is allowing renewable energy, primarily solar and wind, to shine. 

Solar Comes To The Rescue 

Any Las Vegas solar company can tell you that solar is beneficial, but seeing how solar has helped Puerto Rico recover shows how valuable solar energy is. Like roof-based Las Vegas solar power, there now roof-mounted solar systems operating in Puerto Rico. However, more unique forms of solar energy generation have emerged, too. In Las Piedras, for instance, which is a remote mountain town, conventional energy still has not returned. But the lights are on in residents’ homes, thanks to a community solar farm that operates on Tesla-made batteries. Solar trailers are another unconventional solution to the problem. The portable solar trailers, which were devised by a Vermont-based solar installer, have been crucial in delivering power to remote areas of Puerto Rico, many of which still lack conventional power. You can learn more about solar trailers and their benefits here

As solar energy proves to be a more reliable source of power, it is becoming a more popular and widely used source of energy in Puerto Rico, even among homes and businesses that have already gotten traditional power back. But in a country that relies on only one power provider, and a provider that depends on imported petroleum at that, it’s only a matter of time before the next “big” storm hits again. With assistance from solar energy, Puerto Rico is in better shape to weather those monstrous storms.

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