11 Reasons Your Las Vegas Business Should Consider Solar Panels

When you are evaluating how to improve your Las Vegas business, solar panels might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But commercial solar panels are growing in popularity for a reason, and it is time to consider them for your business.

Las Vegas is located in one of the best states to do business in the Western US.  Business numbers are growing; as a result, currently at over 56,000. Keep ahead of the crowd by investing in solar panel energy.

Commercial solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. They are usually larger for business purposes, so they hold power and efficiency. They can be installed in different spaces, such as business roof space.

But is solar panel installation right, or even possible for your business? Naturally, there are some things to consider when considering green energy. Start by learning the top eleven benefits of solar panels below.

1. Add Value to Your Las Vegas Business

You do not just reap the rewards of solar panels while owning your business. There are also long-term benefits, such as solar panels adding value to your business. Whether you plan to sell in the future or want to guarantee your business holds value, then solar panels can help.

There are several reasons for this. The first is that green energy offers energy savings, which appeals to prospective buyers. Especially since the prices of energy continue to rise.

Plus, a Las Vegas business requires a lot of power. So, owners want the security of knowing the building is secure and has enough energy capacity.

2. Reduce Utility Costs

There are also immediate benefits you can enjoy with commercial solar panels. One of the best benefits for businesses and homeowners is that solar panels cut utility bills significantly. Some companies and homes even run entirely off-grid.

Do not worry about the rising electric bills for running business equipment or having late opening hours. Solar panels cut and can even eradicate utility bills so that you can invest this money back into your business instead.

When you depend on electricity from the grid, you are completely dependent on rising energy costs. This can impact your business in many ways, such as holding you back from taking business risks to ensure you can pay the energy bill each month. Take back control and manage your business energy consumption with solar panels.

3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Do you know what your business carbon footprint is? Everyone needs to reduce their carbon footprint and protect the environment. US businesses contribute a significant percentage of the overall greenhouse gases the US emits.

The good news is that you can reduce your carbon footprint with green energy, such as solar panels. In places such as Las Vegas, climate change is evident. Embracing green energy helps reduce your impact and prepare for future environmental changes.

Reducing your greenhouse gases also has many secondary benefits too. It does not just benefit your Las Vegas business, but the world too.

4. Build Your Reputation

The number of people recognizing the importance of self-sustainability is increasing quickly. More than ever, consumers are conscious of where they shop, where their products come from, and your business practices.

Around 62% of consumers surveyed agree that it is essential companies behave in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way. Younger generations, tourists, and residents will all be responsive to green energy, which can help improve your reputation.

You can market yourself as a business taking steps to be sustainable, and that cares about the environment. Due to its eco-friendly approach, you are likely to build your client base and have people recommending your company.

And the result of a better reputation is, of course, more business.

5. Gain Certifications

Your Las Vegas business may also be able to gain more certifications with solar panels. For example, there is the LEED certification, which recognizes sustainability and green buildings. Certifications such as this can help you stand out from the many other businesses in Las Vegas and serve as a business promotion.

People who are extremely environmentally conscious may also search for businesses in the area that have specific accreditation, such as LEED. It is also a fantastic talking point when networking and connecting with new customers.

6. Independent Power

There is nothing worse than power outages during important business meetings and operations. You can lose customers, clients, and valuable time. It can quickly escalate to thousands, or even more, money lost.

Investing in commercial solar panels means you do not have to worry about grid outages. You can add a battery for storage, which will help your power remain running during power outages. Solar batteries are often called 'deep cycle batteries, due to their ability to charge and discharge a significant amount of electricity, in comparison to other battery types.

As Las Vegas experiences many sunny days, solar panels can generate good amounts of electricity too. For example, 1-kilowatt solar panels can produce around 1,570 kWh yearly. Your solar panel provider will assess the type you need, and where is best to position your solar panels to get the most power.

7. Tax Incentives

An appealing benefit of solar panels is the tax and other financial incentives on offer. You have a higher ROI compared to other green energy sources too. For example, there is a 26% federal solar tax credit for solar panels installed by the end of 2022.

There are also rebates, low-interest loans, and other financial benefits. There is also an increasing number of states offering incentives, so Nevada could join them in the future. Your solar panel installation provider should be up to date with the latest financial incentives available in the Las Vegas area.

8. Returns On Investment

Solar panels are cheaper than ever, dropping over 70% in cost over the past decade. While there are still initial installation costs, you will quickly get returns on the investment. There are several ways you can gain money from solar panels, such as selling excess power, tax credits, and other incentives.

It is estimated that the payback time of commercial solar panels can be done in as little as five years. Then your business is generating free power.

You just need to factor in repair costs, which are rare. On average solar panels last for 25 years, but that number could increase as technology improves.

9. Little Maintenance

Another great benefit of commercial solar panels is that they require little maintenance. Choosing a reputable solar power company is crucial to have quality solar panels that last. You also want to make sure they are installed correctly.

However, if you take these steps, your solar panels can last for years without much maintenance. You may need to get them cleaned, and a regular solar panel service is never a bad idea. But you do not have to worry about frequent repairs.

Also, pick a Las Vegas solar panel company that offers warranty and maintenance support.

10. Employee Satisfaction

It is not just customers and clients that care about the environment. Employees do too. If they know they are working for a sustainable Las Vegas business; they are likely to feel more satisfaction in their jobs. They do not have to worry about working for a company that does not support the environment.

You can also increase employee satisfaction as productivity increases with a reliable energy supply. It is stressful to have power outages and make up lost time. It can also be stressful to deal with the aftermath of clients and customers.

Solar panels improve energy consistency so employees can focus on their jobs. Plus, as you will get great returns on investments, you can ensure you provide the salary and benefits your employees deserve.

11. Economy Support

You are not just helping the environment when you invest in solar panels, but the economy too. The past couple of years has demonstrated the importance of supporting the local and national economy. Investing in solar panels is one way to support the economy in Nevada and the US.

There are many different solar panel jobs, from engineering and manufacturing to sales and installation. It has been found that the solar power industry creates more jobs than any other industry in the US. You are directly contributing to this positive impact on the US economy by investing in solar power.

You also support the local economy by using a Las Vegas solar panel installation service. The solar panel market is one of the most exciting fields in the US. Technology continues to evolve, and it does not look like it is slowing down anytime soon.

Las Vegas Commercial Solar Panels

Solar panels do not just benefit homeowners. They can also benefit your Las Vegas business. Get fantastic returns on investment, grow as a business, increase cost-savings, and add value to your business.

And investing in commercial solar panels does not only benefit you and Las Vegas. It helps the economy and the environment. It is one of the best solutions to invest in right now.

Are you looking for a reputable solar panel installation service in Las Vegas? Look no further than Enlyten Energy. Schedule a consultation today to get started.

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