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Upgrade to the Most Efficient Energy Source at the Most Affordable Price!

At Enlyten Energy, we operate as an independent solar dealer. This allows us the ability to partner with different installation companies and hand select our providers, enabling us to offer our customers the best solar equipment, installed by the best companies all while providing our customers outstanding value.

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From the initial consultation to when your solar system is turned on, Enlyten Energy takes of everything! We are your complete turn-key solution, taking care of everything from the System DesignPermittingHOA ApprovalInstallation, and Maintenance.

Combined with our $0 Down Program and an industry leading 25 Year Production Guarantee, going solar with Enlyten Energy is a no-brainer!

What Our Customers Say

"I was on the fence about going solar when Brian spoke with us about solar energy, but his explanation about the process and what it entails convinced me to go solar that same day. Brian is so organized that he had a presentation about the whole process and laws regarding solar energy, which convinced me to go solar. Enlyten Energy is so easy to work with -- from start to finish Brian was very easy to contact regarding any questions during the process. It's also nice that the financing part was done right then and there and all I had to do was answer a couple questions to find out if I qualified. I was kept in the loop about the entire process -- hoa approval, inspection, etc. He worked with Freedom Forever to install the solar panels, and they were also very easy to contact and provided a website where I could check the status of the solar project. And as a plus, at the end of the process, he even gave us energy saving bulbs for the entire house! I definitely recommend Brian and Enlyten energy!"

Rechelle Saavedra

"Enlyten Energy did everything they promised. They use Freedom Forever as their installers and they did a very professional job. The panels and inverter are superior products. I read reviews on the Solar Edge Inverter and their solar panels and they were very highly rated. Additional items were included in my package: I received “critter guards” and Nest thermostats and hundreds of dollars worth of LED bulbs for my house. They also offered 3.99 20 year financing. I highly recommend Brian Pena and Enlyten Energy."

Lorraine Lennard

"If you’re thinking of getting Solars for your home, I highly recommend contacting Brian Pena who owns Enlyten Energy. Product is top notch and installation is very clean and professional. If you have HOA in your community, Brian will do all the work for you in getting the signatures needed. He will also provide you with energy saving LED bulbs and Nest thermostat at no cost to you. The most important thing is he will still keep in contact with you even after the work is completed. That’s customer service for you."

Omar Pagdilao

"For a person who looked at Solar power 20 years ago I never thought I would be able to afford Solar Panels. Then I was fortunate enough to meet Drew Schroeder from Enlyten Energy who took his time explaining to myself and my husband how everything works now and that it's not as expensive as our power bill every month. I would also like to say that Drew as well as the Employees at Enlyten Energy have taken great care to make sure that everything was installed quickly on time as well as a they also made sure all of the Permits were taken care of. I have had nothing but a pleasant experience with Enlyten Energy and would also like to say thank you to DREW SCHROEDER for everything he has done for us."

Stephanie Dannem

"Amazing company with best warranty on the market! Tier 1 equipment, competitively priced, and great service. Highly recommend!"

Melvin Junsay

"Highly recommended professional service and I'm a happy with my new solar system. Thanks to Elyten Energy!"

Ricardo Garcia

Planning to Upgrade Your Energy Source?

Contact Us Now for Your
FREE Consultation!

Why Upgrade to Solar Energy

Save Money

Most Nevada residents pay around $111 each month for electricity. This totals $1,332 annually and over $33,000 for 25 years, which is the average system lifespan. Considering you can eliminate your electric bills from a solar energy system in five years, that amounts to tremendous savings!

Get Instant Savings

Along with drastically cutting energy costs, you’ll start seeing instant benefits right away. The moment your system’s switch is flipped on, you will start saving money. You will notice a reduced electric bill cost during the first month, and savings will only increase from that point on.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Anyone moving into your home in the future will benefit from reduced energy expenses, which adds to your home’s appeal. Studies show that homes with solar electric systems sell more quickly and for a price of 17% more than homes without solar.

Enjoy A Fast Payback Period

Taking the 30% federal tax credit into consideration, the payback period of a solar system installation can be as short as seven years. This is especially true in Las Vegas, where the warm and sunny climate means that systems produce more electricity, on average, than they do elsewhere in the country.

Take Advantage Of Incentives

As of 2018, one of the top incentives available to solar energy customers is the federal tax credit, which reimburses customers for up to 30% of the solar energy system’s cost. Additional state, federal, and program-specific incentives can reduce the system cost even more.

Reduce Foreign Energy Dependency

A Las Vegas solar company will tell you that by installing a solar energy system, you’re creating jobs and energy security within the United States. In addition to enhancing national security, this protects against global energy price fluctuations.

Avoid Rising Energy Costs

Solar energy systems protect against rising electric bills. The rate of solar energy is guaranteed over a 25-year period, which means you’ll be able to predict how much money, if any, you’ll pay for electricity. In contrast, the price of standard electricity typically fluctuates.

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