Residential Homeowners

So you're a Homeowner?

Congratulations on this achievement!  Being a homeowner is a large responsibility with many benefits, let's see if going solar with Enlyten Energy is right for you.

Solar isn't for everybody. Here's how to make sure going solar with Enlyten Energy is the right fit for you and your home:

Who It's For

I live in my home

I see value in owning vs renting

I value quality as much as price

I like to learn about new things

I like to pay less for things I already buy

Who It's Not For

I currently rent

I like to waste my money

I want the cheapest price

I'm too busy to learn anything new

I don't like to save money

Here's What you'll get by going solar with Enlyten energy


When you buy your solar system, you will add value to your home.  The way you currently get your electricity is the equivalent to renting your power.  Other than electricity, you get nothing else from your power company.


When you buy your solar system, your monthly solar payment will NEVER INCREASE.  Did you know the price of electricity has gone up consistently over the past 20 years?  In 1998, the cost of electricity in Nevada was about half the cost it is today.


When you buy your solar system, you can expect to pay 15-20% less than what you're currently paying your power company.  Why pay your power company 1 penny more than what you could be paying if you owned your solar system?

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