Solar Powered Fan: Is It Practical To Use?

Let’s be honest, keeping cool on a hot day is one of those things that we so often take for granted.  While an AC unit can be a lifesaver, running one can be incredibly expensive or just impractical. Using a solar powered fan can be a great option and makes the most sense in a couple applications.  This article is going to take a quick look at those instances and things to consider when buying them.

Outdoor Use of a Solar Powered Fan

By far the most practical use of a solar powered fan is an outdoor or camping setting.  With electricity often being a luxury, propping up a solar panel and turning on a fan makes a lot of sense.

With this type of fan, don’t expect anything fancy or super powerful, just something that can provide a nice breeze and cool things down a bit

Indoor Use of a Solar Powered Fan

While you could use a solar powered fan in an indoor setting, to us that just seems a bit awkward.  The only real application to use a solar powered fan would be in a daytime power outage. Imagine trying to relocate a solar panel throughout the day as the sun moves and shines through a window.

If your concern is about using too much electricity, fans don’t use much electricity and in all likelihood will only cost you a few pennies to operate on a daily basis.

The one type of solar powered fan that can make a lot of sense is a solar attic fan.

Unlike fans that are designed to blow air, this type of fan is designed to pull air and push it through the opposite end.  When applied and installed properly in an attic this type of solar powered fan will pull the hot air out of the attic and push it outside, therefore making your attic and home cooler.

Best thing of all this fan runs on solar power and is in a place, like the roof, that gets ample sunshine throughout the day.

Things To Consider When Buying a Solar Powered Fan

When it comes to buying a solar powered fan for outdoor use, one thing you definitely want to keep in mind is the length of the cord.  The last thing you want to have is a really short cord attached to the solar panel that limits where the fan can be placed.

Another thing you want to consider is the overall fan size.  Get something too small and it’s only good for one person, get something too big and it might just start blowing too much stuff around and use up too much energy.

For solar attic fans, you also want to keep in mind the overall power of the fan.  If you have a very large attic, one fan might not be strong enough to pull all the hot air out and you may need to install two fans.

Our Recommendation

In conclusion solar powered fans come in many types but can be used in many applications.  The traditional type of fan is best used for outdoor applications where electricity may not be available.  A solar powered attic fan makes sense for homes since it cools a home’s attic but is also in place, such as the roof, that receives plenty of sunlight throughout the day.

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